Benro Travel Angel Tripod C2690TB1 heavy duty carbon fiber Camera Tripod is now in Ocean Camera Gadgets Camera Store! Best Price in Singapore!


The Benro C2690TB1 tripod includes 8 layers of carbon fiber materials that extend its durability and make it perfect for professional photographers. The adjustable leg angles allow you to position this Benro tripod in different angles depending on the shooting requirements. A 180 degree inversely design system lets you fold the leg of this carbon fiber tripod inversely, making it so small for you to carry it easily while traveling. This Benro tripod can be quickly set up and packed making it exceptionally easy to use. Light in weight, this carbon fiber tripod is extremely handy for you to carry it comfortably on all your outdoor shooting trips. Highly efficient, the Benro C2690TB1 maintains a firm grip even on irregular surfaces, for convenience in shooting.



B1 Dual Action Ball Head
The Benro Travel Angel C2690TB1 Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit's B1 Dual Action Ball Head offers separate manual drag and lock controls, a universal quick release mounting plate system, and a smooth independent panning control, all with positive locking knobs. And all housed in a precision-machined black alloy body.

Carbon Fibre Legs
The Benro Travel Angel II C2292TB1 Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit's legs have 8 layers of 100% carbon fibre material organised in a Quasi-Isotropic configuration, ultimately resulting in an amazing breaking point of 134.1kgs.

Compact Size
The Benro C2690TB1's tripod legs can be inverted and folded back 180° making it small enough to carry just about anywhere.

Ultimate Versatility
Toolless conversion to walking stick with fine grain wooden knob, compass and hand strap.

Stainless Steel Spike or Rubber Feet
The Benro Travel Angel C2690TB1 Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit is equipped with interchangeable screw-in rubber feet and stainless steel spiked feet.

Benro C2690TB1 Travel Angel Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod For Camera

S$489.00 Regular Price
S$329.00Sale Price
  • Specifications

    Compatibility:Digital Camera



    Max Diameter:28.6mm

    Mini Diameter:15mm

    Max Height:1630mm

    Mini Height:415mm

    Max Load:12kg

    Folded Length:415mm

    Weight (kg):1.68kg

    Material:Carbon Fibre