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  • High Light Transmittance: 95%; Only 0.3mm thick, 6 layers nano coated glass with UV protection;
  • Full Protection: Protect screen from fingerprints, scratches, abrasions, impact & dust;
  • Material: 9H hardness tempered glass made from Japanese optical glass material;
  • Compatibility: Customized frame design to perfectly fit your camera; Touch and Swivel screen compatible;
  • Adhesive Free: Electrostatic adherence, self-adhesive, no glue residue after removal;

GGS 4th generation Self-Adhesive Optical Tempered Glass LCD Screen Protector

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    • Uses a 0.5mm ultra thin optical glass with at least 90% transmittance. It has higher transparency than other LCD screen protectors.
    • As hard as 8H and it can bear a heavy burden (4kg/cm2), also it can prevent from being rubbed, scraped and bumped.
    • Well-sealed by 3M double side adhesive tape which is not easy to be unglued and easy to be installed. There is no air bubble or angle occurs during sticking on the equipment. It will not be affected by the temperature and humidity.
    • Prevents the LCD screen infracted by sweat stain, smear, acid and alkali element and prolongs the life of the screen.
    • Can be removed and reused if the glutinosity hasn't been damaged.
    • Anti-Scratch, Anti-Dust, Anti-Collision, Moisture-proof, UV Protection.

    Package Contents

    • 1 X Screen Protector
    • 1 X Shoulder Screen Protector with 3M PSA(pressure sensitive adhesive)
    • 1 X Wet Cleaning Paper
    • 1 X Installation Instructions