90cm /36" Portable Deep Parabolic Umbrella Softbox is now in Ocean Camera Gadgets Camera Store! Best Price in Singapore! FREE shipping! Best softbox for photography studio and photobooth. 


1. Profession reflective fabric construction for even light beam effect

2. Dual layer diffuse fabric for twice reflect and even illumination, standard color temperature

3. All-metal chuck, standard three-jaw bayonet which fit for all kinds of lights of Jinbei

4. Octagonal design, form rounded facula for nicer catchlights

5. All-metal jackstay, sturdy and durable, and also with tenacity for arc-type frame

6. Diameter: 90cm and Weight: 1.40 Kg

Professional Octagonal Portable Softbox Deep Parabolic Umbrella Reflector

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S$59.00Sale Price