Professional Photo Studio 2.6x3m, 2.88x3m heavy duty Backdrop Background Stand 2.88X3 m event backdrop Support stand is now in Ocean Camera Gadgets Camera Store! Best Price in Singapore! Self collection only! with two free clips!



Professional Photography Studio Setting for Perfect Shooting. Designed to hold our muslin backdrops, as well as being rated for paper, non woven and canvas backdrops, this 2.88m x 3m backdrop support stand is sure to give you all the security you need. This Backdrop Support System is lightweight, heavy-duty and extensible for both studio, outdoor and all occasions, extremely suitable for all level photographers.



Size: 2.88x3m
Heavy Duty Premium Professional Backdrop Stand
Heavy Duty stands & cross bars. Holds much more weight than stand sold by other sellers.
Made from aluminum alloy with a professional black satin finish
Max Working Height: 288cm

Max Working Width:300cm

Max Load: 10kg

Leg Dia:30mm 26mm 22mm 19mm

Tripod Leg length:55cm

Tripod Leg Dia:22mm
Interlocking cross bar extends to 3 meters
Cross bar consists of three sections, two telescopic bars making it simple to adjust the width
Holds canvas, muslin or paper
Extra-wide tripod base for additional stability
5/8”female sockets at each end of the cross bar, allowing you to use the cross bar on any light stand
Light stands use quick single action locks, providing fast precision height adjustment

Stores inside custom made heavy duty carrying case


Package Includes:
(One) 1 x 2.88x3m Backdrop Stand Kit Set
(One) 1 x Backdrop Stand Travel Carry Bag (Free Gift) and two clips (free gift)


Also have 2.6mx3m version

Max load: 5kg

Professional Photo Studio 2.6x3m2.88x3m Backdrop Background Stand Support

S$85.00 Regular Price
S$65.00Sale Price
  • Kit includes:

    1x light stand, 1x33inch umbrella, 1xDtype ballhead.