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  • Useful Flash Light Mount
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  • Fit for All Hot-Shoe Flash
  • Getting Great Photographic Results

Flash Bracket E holder
This Swivel Light Stand Bracket E type bracket is useful flash light mount for your camera, flashgun adapter can be attached to your light stand/tripod,insert your flash unit and umbrella and adjust your mount so Flash Swivel Bracket is at an optimum angle for getting great photographic results time after time. Hot shoe flash mount on top make it easy that you could mount a hot shoe flash slave sensor receiver.The swivel light stand bracket is an ideal accessory for shooting on the run. This swivel light stand bracket don't fit Sony and Minolta flash. This swivel light stand bracket is the best choice for camera owners!.

100% brand new and high quality.Premium materials, portable and durable to use.Universal E Type Flash cold shoe bracket, Swivel light stand mount with Umbrella holder.Detachable hot shoe can install tripod and speedlite with a 1/4"screw.There is a 5/8" socket to mount a flash unit to a light stand.This Flash bracket is with 180° vertical adjustment to allow to position the umbrella and flash in different angle.Specification:Type:BracketMaterial: MetalColor: blackHeight: 10.5cm

Why Use a Flash Bracket?
When you go to a wedding and see the photographer taking portraits of the bride and groom, you will see them using a flash bracket. They are not trying to look fancy. The bracket allows them to take better photographs Function: A flash bracket is a device that allows an external flash unit to be lifted away from the camera, eliminating "red-eye" and grotesque shadows. Benefits: Built-in camera flashes and external flashes mounted on the camera's hot shoe are notorious for producing "red-eye" because the flash is so close to the camera lens. Because a flash bracket moves the flash away from the lens, the light hits the eye at a different angle and "red-eye" is not produced Considerations: Shooting vertical pictures with a hot-shoe mounted external flash, will produce noticeable shadows because the flash's position to the side of the lens instead of above the lens. That shadow can be distracting when it shows on the wall behind the subject, or worse yet for people photography, under the eyes of the subject Types: Some flash brackets, called flip brackets, have a rotating arm that allows the flash to be positioned over the camera whether you are shooting horizontally or vertically. There are also brackets that allow the photographer to rotate the camera Misconceptions: Wedding photographers are not the only photographers to use flash brackets. Nature photographers use them to avoid the animal version of "red-eye" and in macro, or close-up, photography

Professional Universal E Type Camera Flash Speedlite Mount Stand Bracket Holder

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