Yongnuo YN600 AIR Ultra-Thin Pro LED Video light YN600air Portrait photobooth lighting for Canon Fujifilm Nikon Olympus DSLR is now in Ocean Camera Gadgets Camera Store! Best Price in Singapore!Good lighting for portrait, product photos and YouTube video.


The new Yongnuo YN600 LED video light is designed to be sleak, slim and light weight - without compromising on light output and efficiency.  The YN600 AIR can be used with a power cable (not included) or two lithium-ion batteries (not included). Making it ideal for both on-location or studio use. Additionally, the YN600 has adjustable colour temperature & built-in diffuser (for optimal soft light). 


Adjustable Light Intensity 

The YN600 AIR has a dimmable light feature which allows you to control the intensity of light anywhere between 0% and 100%. An absolute must-have feature if you want complete control over the exposure values of multiple lights in your scene. The intensity can be adjusted in fine or course steps. For fine-tuning, the LED can be adjusted in 1% increments. For big changes, the LED can be adjusted in 10% increments

Adjustable Colour Temperature 

The YN600 AIR comprises two groups of LEDs -- half 3,200k and half 5,600k. The two groups can be individually adjusted to create a mix of different colour temperatures -- anywhere between 3,200 and 5,600k. This feature is absolutely vital when matching the colours of both the ambient and LED light. Closely matching the colours of both the LED and ambient light will create a natural-looking scene that blends well with the environment and overall lighting conditions.
Smartphone APP

The YN600 AIR has a very unique feature - It can be remotely controlled using your mobile phone! Adjust both the light intensity and colour temperature via Yongnuo’s new smartphone app. Available for Android (4.3 and up) and iPhone. The downloadable link is provided on the box.  

Remote Control

Both the light intensity and colour temperature can be wirelessly adjusted using the included radio-controlled 2.4GHz remote. The radio-controlled remote has an operating range of about 15 meters. 

Battery or Electricity Powered

The YN600 AIR can be powered by either a electrical power supply or 2 x lithium-ion batteries -- making the YN600L-II extremely versatile for both on-location or studio use. The power adapter and the lithium-ion batteries are an optional extra.


The YN600 AIR features advanced proprietary LED driving technology. This means the LED has not stobostic or flicker effects whatsoever. Making it ideal for video in all types of frame-rates. 

Illuminated LCD Screen

The big and illuminated LCD screen makes working the dark a lot easier.  The YN600 AIR gives you clear indicators of what the current settings are, event at a relatively far distance.


Note: NEED to buy 2x battery and power cord seperately. can top up to buy Sidande NP-F750 4400mAh battery and Power cord.

Yongnuo YN600 AIR Ultra-Thin Pro LED Video for Canon Fujifilm Nikon Olympus DSLR

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S$105.00Sale Price
  • Tecs & Specs:  

    N/A = Not available

     Power (Watts)

    40W LED

    Number or LEDs


    Lumens at 1m


    Luminance Angle


    Adjustable Power



    0 ~ 100% (stepless)

    Power Control

    Fine / Coarse

    Cooling Fan


    Colour Temperature Adjustable

    Yes (Fine Tuning)

    Colour Temperature Range



    Yes (built-in)

    Colour Correcting Gel


    Group Control


    Channel Control


    Colour Rendering Index

    ≥ 95



    Swivel Multi-Adapter




    Cold Shoe Foot


    Carry Pouch


    1/4" Tripod Thread




    Weight (no battery)


    Instruction Manual


    Average Service Life

    50000 Hr


    Compatible Li-Ion Batteries: Sony NP-F series, NP-F750, NP-F550, NP-F950/B, NP-F530, NP-F970, NP-F970/B, NP-F570, NP-F770, NP-F960, NP-F930, NP-F930/B, NP-F950, NP-F330